Additional information about what we do

  • Family and partner visas

    We work with clients, their families and partners at our immigration law firm in London, with applications under Appendix FM of the immigration rules and those cases external to the immigration rules, which include:

    • spousal visas;
    • civil partnership visas;
    • unmarried partners;
    • fiancé visas;
    • child visas;
    • adult dependant relatives;
    • dependants of PBS migrants.
  • EEA nationals and family

    In light of Brexit and the new changes to the UK immigration legislation, we offer specialist advice under the EEA regulations and the EUSS scheme in the United Kingdom on immigration matters including:

    • Frontier Worker visas;
    • EEA Family Permit;
    • EEA settled status;
    • EEA pre-settled status;
    • permanent residence;
    • derivative rights of residence;
    • residence cards/certificates.
  • Visitor visas

    Branch Austin McCormick offers legal advice on temporary visas for visitors from abroad, including:

    • visitor visas;
    • short term visas;
    • business visas.
  • British citizenship and nationality

    Our team of immigration specialists are experts in handling the complex nationality laws within the United Kingdom. We offer advice and guidance on whether or not clients qualify for registration or acquisition of nationality, as these can be especially challenging areas to navigate alone. Some of the areas in which we can provide expert advice are:

    • registration;
    • nationality;
    • ancestry routes;
    • other niche and discretionary applications.