• What we do

    We have extensive experience in all areas of residential property including:

    • Freehold, family and heritage homes;
    • Leasehold apartments – with or without a share of the freehold;
    • Off plan, new builds and bespoke builds;
    • Buy to let and other investment property;
    • High value and luxury properties;
    • Lease extensions, rights of first refusal and freehold acquisitions ( both individuals and groups);
    • Investment property;
    • Blocks and estate management;
    • Auctions;
    • Development and planning.

    We provide expert legal advice on all property-related issues such as:

    • Joint ownership, trusts and transfers of equity;
    • Buying in or de-enveloping from company ownership;
    • Property dispute resolution;
    • Mortgage/remortgage and equity release mortgage.
  • Who are our clients?

    We continue to work with a broad range of clients (both UK-based and overseas) including owner/occupiers, high net-worth individuals, generations of families, investors and developers.

  • How long does it take to buy or sell a residential property?

    Residential sales and purchases on average should take no more than around 8 to 12 weeks but can be longer — or very much quicker — depending on the desire and ability to proceed of both the seller and the buyer. We have completed transactions in a matter of days on many occasions; others have taken much longer, or have been conditional on, for example, obtaining planning permission, or in respect of new builds where completion can take many months.

  • How much does it cost to buy or sell property?

    We charge our clients a scale-based fee based on the value and nature of the property, though depending on the nature of conveyancing process, its duration and issues arising, our estimate may go up or down. We will keep you informed at all times, making sure you don’t get caught by any hidden extras. Our pricing information may be found here.

  • Why choose us for your residential property conveyancing

    Our property lawyers bring their vast experience to all aspects of residential property conveyancing. You will always be represented by a experienced solicitor. As a result of their knowledge and expertise, they are not only able to spot problems that might otherwise be overlooked but also advise you on the solutions. They will keep you in the loop and guide you on the legal issues every step of the way, enabling your property transaction to be concluded with the right outcome in as swift and hassle-free a manner as possible.

    Another benefit of working with us at Branch Austin McCormick is the close relationship and personal service between solicitor and client, which builds into an enduring relationship. We are a multi-disciplinary practice covering all areas of law and are there for you as and when you might need our help or advice.