• Making a will

    Everyone is wonderfully unique, and we pride ourselves on our bespoke will drafting service to take account of this. We want to make sure that your wishes come into effect when you are no longer around. How do we do this?

    Our wills and probate solicitors will:

    • have a meeting with you to discuss what your estate is made up of and the family, friends and charities that are important to you and how you would like to benefit them;
    • talk you through various options with a view to saving tax and protecting your loved ones;
    • discuss different scenarios that you may not have thought of and how to protect younger beneficiaries;
    • consider how to protect intergenerational wealth, possibly by using a discretionary trust;
    • take into account previous relationships and how you can protect a subsequent partner whilst ensuring your children from an earlier relationship do not miss out;
    • act as executors to assist lay executors, if required.

    We are happy liaising with any existing accountants or financial advisors you may have in place so you get joined-up and well-rounded advice.

  • Probate legal advice and services

    When you instruct us, the first thing we will do is answer your immediate questions and give you some breathing space. These questions are often about organising a funeral and its payment and how quickly things need to be done.

    If there is a Will we will explain its ramifications and explain the probate process. We will help executors (named in the Will) or administrators (if there is no Will) by:

    • ascertaining the value of the estate at date of death;
    • completing inheritance tax forms if the estate is taxable;
    • helping to source funds for inheritance tax which needs to be paid before probate is applied for;
    • corresponding with HM Revenue & Customs;
    • making an application to the probate registry for a grant of probate or letters of administration;
    • corresponding with third parties and paying creditors;
    • closing accounts and transferring assets including shares;
    • selling or transferring property;
    • preparing estate accounts for the executors and residuary beneficiaries to approve;
    • distributing the estate in accordance with the will or intestacy.

    Our wills and probate solicitors will also advise on:

    • income tax and capital gains tax for the estate and how to minimise this where possible;
    • whether it is appropriate to make a deed of variation redirecting an inheritance for inheritance tax and capital gains tax purposes;
    • international probate, including working with lawyers in other legal regimes;
    • applying to reseal Commonwealth grants of probate and applying for English and Welsh grants of probate for international estates.
  • Other services we offer

    Trusts – We draft and can assist in the running of discretionary and life interest trusts, including spousal bypass trusts, life assurance trusts and will trusts. We can also advise on the registration of trusts and assist in the process.

    Deeds of variation and tax planning – We can advise on the best way to protect intergenerational wealth including Family Investment Companies, making use of tax reliefs and sign posting options.

    Probate disputes – Our experienced dispute resolution team are highly skilled in advising on contentious probate matters and will fight your corner in any probate dispute. We are well recognised and respected in this area of law.