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    Years in Mayfair but with a heritage stretching back to 1561

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Our approach

  • Partner-led service

    We are a tight-knit, specialist team of experienced lawyers offering a partner-led service that allows each of our clients to feel supported throughout their engagement with us. In many, if not most cases, our partners will be the lead lawyer on your case and the person with whom you will have day-to-day contact. As our client, you will have consistent contact with the partner leading your case so that you feel connected and informed at every stage.

  • A focus on client service

    We pride ourselves on our reputation for forging long-standing working relationships and a retained client base. Our clients are our best spokespeople and recommend us time and time again.

  • Listening is at the heart of our practice

    We take the time to listen to you, understand your case and concerns and then provide prudent legal advice to remediate your case.

  • We are engaged & friendly

    From your initial enquiry to the end of your engagement with us, we will have consistent contact with you offering a friendly and engaged response to any query or concern you may have – no matter how small.

  • Fair & reasonable pricing

    Our fees are lower than many other law firms of our classification with some cases offering fixed-fee arrangements. We understand that your time and money are of the utmost importance and we always work to resolve our client’s cases efficiently on both these terms.

  • Our first communication with you

    We will take the time to speak with you on an initial call, at no charge. Once we have established that we can assist you, we will provide you with a clear understanding of the fee and costs arrangement in your case, costs and advise you on our next steps.

  • Finding solutions

    It is important to know the merits in your case so that you can take a cost versus benefit approach in your matter. We will keep you updated throughout your engagement with us on the merits of your case. We can also then advise you on possible outcomes and solutions.

  • What happens next?

    Once you are satisfied that we are the right firm for you, we will let you know what further information we require and offer clear advice for the next steps of your matter and any initial actions we need to take.

  • What should I do now?

    Contact us by phone or email and experience first-hand how different we are from other law firms. We invite you to take the time to speak to us so that we can assist you in your prospective case.