Global Talent Visa

  • Eligibility requirements for Global Talent Visa

    The first stage in the process is to get approval from an endorsed body. After that, the applicant must submit their visa application and endorsement to the Home Office.

    The eligibility requirements can vary considerably depending on the applicant’s history and their chosen field of expertise. We’ve provided some details of these below to help you determine what you need for a successful application:

    • Arts and Culture Endorsement
      • A qualified applicant must show that they have been actively involved in creating an extraordinary work of art professionally.
      • They should have a five-year track record of regular professional activity in their field.
      • They have a proven track record in multiple countries.
      • They have three letters of recommendation from organisations that are eligible.
      • They have proof of work or performance in at least two nations that have received media attention.
      • They have a lot of potential and evidence from at least one country
    • Architecture Endorsement
      • The applicant should provide three letters of recommendation from organisations that are eligible.
      • To demonstrate outstanding talent, the applicant must prove winning an award or a body of work with media attention in at least two countries.
    • Fashion Design Industry Endorsement
      • The applicant has had a prominent position in the fashion business for the past five years and can demonstrate professional involvement.
      • Three letters of recommendation are needed for the applicant.
      • An excellent candidate can provide examples of media exposure or sponsorship from a fashion organisation that qualifies.
    • Film and Television Endorsement
      • The candidate has won or been nominated for a ‘main award’ (e.g., an Academy Award, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, or an Emmy Award) in the past decade.
      • Three letters of recommendation from relevant organisations are required.
    • Digital Technology Endorsement
      • A technical candidate has demonstrated experience in constructing essential technical infrastructure.
      • A business applicant has demonstrated experience in commercial investment or product development.
      • The applicant submits a CV detailing their professional accomplishments and three letters of recommendation from relevant organisations.
    • Science, Engineering, Humanities and Medicine fields endorsement
      • In a qualifying organisation, the applicant is an active researcher or a senior industry individual in their relevant fields.

    Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Each category has specific eligibility conditions that candidates must meet to be awarded a Global Talent Visa based on their field of expertise.