Hong Kong British National Overseas Visa

  • What Are The Visa Requirements For British Nationals Overseas & How To Apply For A BNO Passport From Hong Kong

    In order to apply for a British National Overseas Visa, you must be a British National Overseas, over the age of 18 and your permanent residence must be in Hong Kong if you are applying from outside the UK, or in the UK, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Hong Kong if you are applying from within the UK.

    You must also meet certain requirements in the following areas:

    Family members who are eligible to apply as dependents of the primary BNO Visa applicant include a spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner, a child under the age of 18, an adult child born on or after the 1st of July 1997 alongside their spouse or child under the age of 18. Other family members including parents, grandparents, siblings, sons or daughters may also be eligible for dependency under exceptional circumstances.

    If you are applying for a Hong Kong BNO Visa from outside the UK then the primary applicant and any family members who are applying for the visa in conjunction must take up their main residency in Hong Kong, the UK, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man.

    The primary applicants and any dependents must provide proof of their ability to accommodate and support themselves in the UK for at least 6 months. This is with the exception of primary applicants who have been living within the UK with valid leave for 1 year or more.

    Primary applicants and dependents for the Hong Kong BNO Visa must not have any serious criminal convictions, behaviour which endangers the public good or any other grounds for refusal.

    Additional visa requirements for British Nationals Overseas include a demonstrative commitment to learning the English language from the primary applicant and dependents, a valid TB certificate from an approved facility and personal funding of any visa application and Immigration Health Surcharge fees.

    Although these are the standard visa requirements for British Nationals Overseas, eligibility will vary depending on your individual circumstances. As such, our team of expert immigration lawyers can help you identify any specific requirements that you must meet so that you may obtain your Hong Kong British National Overseas Visa with minimal delay.

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