Divorce, Dissolution of a Civil Partnership and Separation

  • Our approach

    At Branch Austin McCormick we will listen, offer you the utmost discretion and use our expert knowledge to help you make informed decisions. We can advise on a divorce, ending a civil partnership, annulment or separation and ensure that you make the right decision for you. Take advantage of our free telephone enquiry to talk through your options. We will explain how we can help. You will find our divorce lawyers friendly, approachable and knowledgeable

  • Our clients

    We have a large base of national and international clients. We represent clients who are not only UK-based but also clients who live abroad but wish to use the English legal system to pursue a divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership.

  • Legal Separation

    Not all couples who separate will want a divorce. Some will prefer a legal separation instead – this may be appropriate where a divorce would not be palatable for religious reasons.

    A legal separation (sometimes called a judicial separation) allows a couple to live apart without divorcing or ending a civil partnership. However, like a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, a legal separation means that the court may exercise its power to divide your financial assets (except for pensions). This may be particularly suited to an older couple who want to preserve the pension provision between them.

  • Separation Agreement

    If you have not yet decided whether you want to end your marriage or civil partnership, you can enter into a separation agreement instead. This is a written agreement that can cover a range of areas such as what happens to the family home and who continues to live there, who pays the mortgage and other outgoings and what the arrangements for the children should be.

    You can have a separation agreement recording the terms of your financial arrangements where you have separated but have not yet taken divorce proceedings or started off the process of ending your civil partnership.  Be warned that such financial arrangements will be considered by a Court if and when you seek a financial order from the Court.

  • The annulment option

    If you are married a divorce is not always the only option open to you. The other option to consider is annulment. This applies in very specific circumstances and includes cases where the marriage was not legally valid because one of the parties to the marriage was already married or underage. Other circumstances include marriages which were never consummated, or which were entered into under duress.