• What do alternative dispute resolution methods involve?

    There are many types of alternative dispute resolution that our dispute resolution team employ, one of which is mediation. Mediation involves an independent mediator working with the parties to resolve a dispute by means of discussion and negotiation. These negotiations are kept strictly confidential and without prejudice so that all parties may speak freely, getting their viewpoints across. This is the least formal method for resolving disputes and, while clients may not get exactly their preferred outcome, a good compromise can often be achieved without the cost and hassle of having to go to court and presenting the case before a judge.

    The court is increasingly seeking to all but force parties to mediation after proceedings have been issued.

  • Do I have a case for a dispute resolution solicitor?

    If you have a dispute over property, money or business in which the involved parties cannot come to an agreement, a dispute resolution solicitor will provide the answers you need. With a wide range of experience when it comes to mediation, arbitration and litigation, a dispute resolution lawyer will negotiate the situation to the best possible conclusion for their client.

    When reputations or large sums of money are at stake, it’s essential to have an expert to advocate for your interests and to offer solid strategic advice.

  • What is the dispute resolution process?

    Here at Branch Austin McCormick, we will start by obtaining all the facts about your case. We will then discuss the matter with you, providing our professional opinion on the legal dispute, giving our initial advice and laying out your options and a strategy about how to proceed. Whatever choice you make, we will then put a plan in place to help you win your case, bringing it to a successful and favourable conclusion, whether that’s through alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation or mediation, or, through formal litigation by court proceedings.

    In high profile cases we will assist you in respect of reputation management and we work closely with leading specialists in that area of work so as to best protect our clients.

  • What is Branch Austin McCormick’s approach to dispute resolution?

    We will always try to resolve any dispute as amicably as possible, much preferring to work with our clients through mediation if that is appropriate rather than engaging in expensive and acrimonious litigation. However if a case must go to court , we will strongly prosecute or defend and protect our clients’ interests, providing expert personal and commercial advice at all times on both the legal process and your likelihood of success. Although it may not be your most desired method, we have a very high success rate in such disputes.

  • Why choose our dispute resolution lawyers?

    Branch Austin McCormick is a boutique legal practice in London and our dedicated team of lawyers maintains a uniquely close relationship with its clients, more so than some of the larger law firms. This means that our clients receive not only a broad range of expertise when it comes to dispute resolution, but a personalised service from our experienced dispute resolution lawyers.

    We understand that every case is different so our extensive experience in the area of dispute resolution means that however complex or unusual the case, our dispute resolution lawyers will help bring it to a swift and favourable conclusion for our clients.

    Our reasonable and transparent fee structure means that our clients are assured of value and, in any dispute situation, we can discuss the most appropriate way to fund your claim or legal action.