Insolvency For Businesses

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  • What aspects of insolvency law does Branch Austin McCormick cover?

    With a wide scope of experience in all aspects of restructuring and insolvency law, our business insolvency lawyers are able to and regularly advise directors on compliance with their duties when a company is potentially insolvent and likely to commence formal insolvency proceedings in the immediate or near future.

    Our areas of expertise cover all aspects of business insolvency and insolvency law including:

    • restructurings and refinancing;
    • administrations;
    • asset tracing;
    • recovery in an insolvency context;
    • liquidations;
    • wrongful and fraudulent trading;
    • landlord and tenant issues.
  • How can Branch Austin McCormick’s business insolvency lawyers help?

    Concerns about the financial position of your business require carefully planned actions and specialist advice. As highly experienced business insolvency lawyers, Branch Austin McCormick are able to advise businesses who find themselves in distressed financial circumstances and subject to formal insolvency proceedings. We are able to work with you to resolve all such issues.

    Whether we are representing a multi-national or a family-run business, we understand that the needs of our client will be entirely unique. As a boutique law firm that prides itself on delivering personable, valuable and flexible commercial legal services, we always take the time to understand those needs before delivering a tailor-made solution to the problem.

    With a long-standing tenure in insolvency law, we understand every aspect of this field and the impact it has on corporate entities. We understand the need to act quickly and, as such, provide legal services that are practical, comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective.

  • Why choose Branch Austin McCormick for your business insolvency requirements?

    At a time where you are likely to be feeling the pressure, we are here to help you feel at ease as much as we can and to ensure you feel confident in our ability to deliver tailored solutions and superior client care. As a boutique law firm, our business insolvency lawyers have a closer relationship with our clients meaning that we are never more than a phone call away. That personal connection means that our lawyers not only have a vested interest in the outcome of each and every case, but will always strive to keep our clients informed and in the loop every step of the way.