• Employment advice for employees

    Unfair treatment by an employer should be reported as soon as possible, especially if you feel it is either a breach of contract or contrary to employment law. Prior to signing an employment contract, it is also a good idea to have an employment solicitor look over the details which may help to minimise restrictive covenants such as non-disclosure agreements as well as non-compete and non-solicitation clauses.

    Whatever the case, issues of employment rights can be complex, so if an employee feels overwhelmed in an employment dispute, an employment law solicitor will always provide expert advice.

  • Insight into our employment law services for employees

    From junior staffers to senior employees, we can not only help when in analysing and negotiating your contract, but should you require it we can act as your advisors and representatives in any dispute or legal issue with your employer. It is important that you be treated fairly and can raise workplace grievances without sanction, and Branch Austin McCormick’s employment lawyers have extensive experience in every employment law matter from resolving breaches of the Equality Act to representing clients before an Employment Tribunal.

    We have represented clients across a whole range of industries including the public sector and financial services and from small businesses to large international companies.

  • Our approach to employment law cases

    Our employment law team has a wide range of experience when it comes to all aspects of employment law and employment rights. We always try to take a non-confrontational approach to resolving employment issues, preferably through negotiation and agreement and other alternatives to litigation. We firmly believe that this is the best approach to take as it helps reduce acrimony between all parties involved and, ultimately, tends to be a less expensive process than litigation.

  • Why choose our employment law lawyers?

    Our employment team bring to bear their experience and employment law expertise on every case, from delivering legal advice on contracts to representing our clients before employment tribunals. We understand that no case is the same, but our wide-ranging experience means that no matter what kind of employment law issue it is, we can solve it.

    Because Branch Austin McCormick is a boutique law firm, whatever type of legal services our clients require from our employment law experts, they can rest assured that their query will be handled sensitively by an employment law solicitor with a personal interest in both the case and client.