We acted for a limited company based in the UK namely, an independent media and marketing agency based in Mayfair, London. 

The company were keen to secure a sponsorship licence, for numerous reasons but primarily, to enable them to hire talented specialists from all over the world. The ability to hire specialists into roles allows a company to gain a competitive edge over their competition which is likely to increase profitability for the company over time. The media and marketing industry is a competitive industry and the employees of the companies are usually responsible for the overarching success of the business.

Potential Issues

Our clients’ main concern was time. They needed to secure the sponsorship licence to enable one of their employees to switch into the skilled worker category. Failure to do so would have caused severe effects for the prospective applicant and the business as a whole. 

In the midst of a global pandemic with worldwide travel being closed or delayed severely, it was imperative that the licence was granted on an expedited basis.

Our Solution 

The corporate immigration team at Branch Austin McCormick, consulted with the company, initially via a telephone call, at no charge. Our team took the time to understand how we can assist the company, their needs, time frames and potential issues. Once we established how we can assist, the company instructed us formally and we commenced a formal meeting to begin work the same day. 

During our first meeting we prepared a skeletal strategy on the steps we would take to prepare a detailed, prudent and successful application. 

Our team efficiently established the key documentation required, and some information which was unavailable to our client. At this point we advised our client as to practical alternatives that could be provided, based upon our years of experience. Our client’s application was prepared with bespoke and detailed legal representations, guiding the UKVI through the application via the relevant Immigration Rules and Home Office policy. 

One of the key components to expedite the application was to apply under the UKVI’s priority service application route for sponsorship licences.  The UKVI only accept the first 10 applications per day so our team ensured daily emails were sent with representations explaining the urgency and potential detriment involved in our client’s case. 


Our client’s case accepted on the priority route and determined successfully within 7 working days from the date at which the application was submitted. Our client now intends on submitting a substantive application for leave to remain as a skilled worker under the company’s newly endorsed licence.

Instructing our specialist corporate immigration lawyers 

At a time where time is of the essence, there is no room for error and experience prevails – it is important to instruct lawyers who are well versed in securing, maintaining and reinstating sponsorship licences and strategic case planning. 

We advise small entities to large conglomerates, providing a bespoke legal solution to secure their licence in the UK. Contact our team to discuss how we can assist your company with a licence in the UK.


Charlotte Catto Immigration Consultant and Jayesh Jethwa, Partner & Head of Corporate Immigration were the lawyers instructed.

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