Deportation Appeal Lawyers In London

  • Automatic And Discretionary Deportation

    Our deportation solicitors will explain that automatic deportation occurs when a criminal offence has been committed, and the foreign national poses a threat to the public. Depending on the circumstances, the solicitor will advise on your legal rights.

    If the criminal offence warrants a prison sentence of over 12 months, the foreign national will be issued with a Deportation Order from the Secretary of State. The prison sentence period determines when/if the deported individual will be allowed back into the UK. A sentence of fewer than four years will enable re-entry ten years after the foreign national received the deportation order.

    The Secretary of State has the discretion to order deportation if the foreign national is deemed a threat to public safety. This discretion also broadens the scope of deportation as the foreign national’s actions do not necessarily have to be considered a criminal offence to be deported in this case.

    This deportation’s discretionary nature makes it necessary for the Secretary of State to issue the foreign national with a Notice of Intention to Deport. In this case, our deportation solicitors will be able to offer you the necessary legal advice before anything goes ahead.

    In either instance, our team of deportation solicitors will ensure you are fully equipped and confident in the way forward.

    For more details on any of the deportation advice that we offer, please contact us.