Nadia Moynihan Consultant – Dispute Resolution, Employment & Family Law

Nadia’s practice represents a broad cross-section of the kind of legal services that most businesses and individuals typically need, regardless of industry sector or client profile, with a particular focus on dispute resolution.

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Nadia regularly advises international and domestic corporate and private clients on schemes of arrangement, bankruptcy proceedings, trade disputes, employment disputes and a wide array of other contractual and tortious claims from fraud to defamation. Her litigation practice draws upon her experience representing clients in complex multi-jurisdictional cases involving misappropriation of funds and shareholder disputes. She has also represented numerous employers and employees in claims relating to wrongful dismissal, breach of employment contracts and harassment in the workplace.

Nadia’s matrimonial practice features cross-border disputes regarding child custody and the enforcement of maintenance as well as High Court litigation pertaining to the division of substantial matrimonial assets located in multiple jurisdictions. Her non-contentious practice includes the drafting of various commercial agreements such as shareholders’ agreements and distribution agreements as well as personal legal instruments such as wills, lasting powers of attorney and deed polls.

Nadia read law at the National University of Singapore. She is a qualified lawyer in four jurisdictions- New York, England & Wales, Ireland and Singapore.


  • Notable Cases

    • OMG Holdings Pte Ltd v Pos Ad Sdn Bhd [2012] 4 SLR 231: Unjust enrichment, restitution, IP licencing, passing off, restraint of trade, misrepresentation, pleadings, limitation
    • TAT v TAU [2015] SGFC 19: Custody, care and control, access, relocation
    • THH v THI [2015] SGFC 135: Interim maintenance for wife and child
    • PP v Rosdi Bin Joenet [2016] SGHC 58: Sentencing for homicide in case of mental illness.
    • PP v ASR [2018] SGHC 94: Suitability of reformatory training as sentence for aggravated rape where offender was intellectually disabled child.
  • Reviews

    “…Her professionalism, empathy and sharp intellect impressed me…”

    “…Nadia had a sincere desire to help without overcharging for it…”

    “…We have total faith in Nadia…”

    “…I can’t thank her enough…”

    “…I made the right choice…compassionate and sympathetic…an upstanding professional…”

    “…she is highly professional, responsive and knowledgeable…extremely diligent…”

    “…Nadia is warm, personable and she has excellent listening skills. I particularly appreciated her efficiency and the swiftness with which she put my case together…proactive, kind, understanding, sensitive and non-judgmental…”

    “…After meeting with many lawyers, I felt that Nadia listened, showed compassion and acted in a manner befitting of a person with integrity…I have and will refer her again, and again to others…”

    “…To Nadia, her clients matter…I could not recommend her any higher…”

    “…Mrs. Moynihan is one of the finest attorneys and persons you will ever meet. Her approach to law is both extremely thorough and meticulous, while at the same time, her personality is warm, kind, and generous…”

    “…we are extremely pleased with her professional work. Ms Moynihan possesses a sharp legal mind…Her warm personality coupled with her diligent and sincere attitude made working with Ms Moynihan a pleasant experience…”

    “…Nadia has been understanding and approachable. She is very professional and was efficient in meeting the tight deadline…”

    “…We are so glad to have engaged Nadia’s help, who is an outstanding and exemplary lawyer…Nadia is extremely patient, full of empathy and highly efficient as she handled our matters with her utmost professionalism. We felt so at ease and appreciate all her efforts in helping us resolving our worries…”

    “…A thoughtful and diligent lawyer, Nadia handled my case efficiently and compassionately. It was a pleasure to work with her towards a successful outcome…”

    “…Her honest approach has changed some of my perceptions about the legal profession and in the future I would not hesitate to engage or recommend her services…”

    “…I really like Nadia’s knowledge and her creative way of giving advice for legal matters. She’s always a great help and a fast thinker…”

    “…She was empathetic, and her advice and tone greatly reassured me. I opted to seek her expertise in seeing the matter out fully. I’m delighted to say that her assistance and professionalism in handling a stressful few weeks was much appreciated. Would absolutely seek her assistance if I ever need it again…”

    “…My case was extremely complicated spanning continents. Nadia held my hand every step of the way giving me the confidence to see it through. Her intellect and understanding of the law are beyond doubt but it was the level of empathy and compassion that helped me through a very dark time. I have nothing but admiration for Nadia and will always be in her debt. Therefore I can honestly say that I would recommend Nadia without hesitation…”