Branch Austin McCormick’s Elliot Hammer, a dispute resolution partner, has been successful in representing a number of clients against RVA Surveyors Ltd in ManchesterPortsmouthLondonBarking,  and many other places around the country. 

He currently has many clients either bringing claims or counterclaims against RVA Surveyors, defending claims brought by RVA Surveyors Ltd or in various stages of appeals.

Elliot Hammer works with newspapers such as the Daily Mirror (with Mr Andrew Penman) to help clients ensure they know they are not alone in their fight!  

Branch Austin McCormick can help you raise Crowd Funding monies to help pay for your defence against RVA Surveyors Ltd. We normally ‘style’ the Crowd Funder “save me from RVA Surveyors”.  We can work with the Daily Mirror to help your Crowd Funder reach its target goal. We have raised more than £5,000 for various clients. See our guide to Crowd Funding legal fees.  

Contact us urgently if:

  • You have received a Letter of Claim from RVA Surveyors Ltd;
  • You have received a Claim Form from RVA Surveyors Ltd;
  • You have received a default judgment from RVA Surveyors Ltd;
  • You have signed a 5 year contract with RVA Surveyors Ltd;
  • You have lost at trial against RVA Surveyors Ltd;
  • You have lost an appeal against RVA Surveyors Ltd;
  • Are you disputing payments with RVA Surveyors Ltd.

If any of the above apply to you please contact our Elliot Hammer on or call us on 0207 851 0100.

Please note there are strict time limits in civil claims brought by RVA Surveyors Ltd. Do not lose any time, contact us urgently. 

Great help from Elliot Hammer on my case, I would recommend using this guy, he is very informative and helps you understand each step of the way

Angelo, owner of Surface 2 Air Sports Ltd

“We are glad the Courts have seen my father as a vulnerable victim, and although we cannot get the years of stress back, this does give some relief that the despicable RVA did not get away with this

Thank you ? Hope there is a big shout out to Elliot too, top man and deserves the credit he gets’

Mr Islam, son of Director of VOJON